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Arthritis/ Rheumatism


An obese (107 Kg.) lady walked in the clinic with the support of two crutches. Feeling arthritic sharp pain in the joints of both legs. Gluteus muscles painful while sitting, posterior muscles of thighs painful while walking. Knees and hip-joints painful while walking. Knees painful on rising from a seat after sitting. Cracking in knee joints on motion. Backache while bending, standing or walking.

Memory forgetful especially names. Worried about arthritis because she has been treated many times. Dry cough with irritation in the throat. Dust and cold weather  aggravates the allergic cough. Uterus was removed 5 yrs ago because of profuse bleeding due to cancer.

She has been treated for 5 months. Now she can walk without crutches. Arthritic pains are finished.