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Asthma, Chronic Since Birth

Lucas, Age 18yrs, (Male)

Chronic ASTHMA since birth, frequent attacks of coughing. Cold weather, dust, smoke, perfumes etc . aggravates his asthma. Difficulty in speaking because of difficult breathing with wheezing. Chest (lungs) painful while breathing. Jaws painful, chewing aggravates the pain. Frontal sinusitis with pain in the forehead. Staggering while walking, he feels as if he can fall backwards while standing or walking, has a fear of falling. Feels tired easily, even after slight work, want to remain in bed as if he has no strength. Too much thirst for warm drinks (water/ tea). Restlessness with lot of anxiety. Feels offended and keeps anger even for weeks, can not forgive the person who offended him. Voice hoarseness. Perspiration after slight work and during sleeping.

He could not attend his school because of his sickness. He had no hopes for his recovery. While on homeopathic treatment he recovered very fast, can attend his classes because of the improvement. He is not any treatment now.