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Cases & Testimonials

Our patients leave the clinic happy and thankful. Click to read our patients giving testimonies of their lives in pain and eventually their cure at our clinic.

For more treated Cases and Testimonials, visit  www.uhdprogram.org/cases&testimonials

1 Doctor who saved 44 Yrs old Father (HIV)
2 Paralysis (Right sided) after stroke
3 Complication after heart surgery
4 Uterine bleeding with Palpitation & Anxiety
5 Miscarriage tendency & Hypertension
6 Diabetes with Anxiety
7 Sickle Cell
8 Maniac Depression with O.C.D.
9 Profuse Menstruation with Depression
10 Constipation & Anxiety with fear
11 Parkinson’s Disease
12 Infertility Female
13 Caesarean Section Breech Position of the Baby
14 Asthma Chronic Since Birth
15 Arthritis/ Rheumatism
16 Bewitched Feeling, Nightmares With Depression
17 Depression & Frightful Nights
18 Varicose Veins – Bleeding & Distended
19 Alcohol & Bhang (Cannabis) Addiction
20 Herpes Since 20 Years
21 Herpes Since Birth
22 Mastectomy, High Blood Pressure & Anxiety
23 Breast Tumor

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