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Mr. John (Loresho, NAIROBI) age-26

He has been given counseling and treatment in 5 rehabilitation centers in Kenya and in South Africa. He started taking ALCOHOL and smoking tobacco CIGARETTES when he was 16 yrs old. Since last 10 yrs he used to drink and smoke every day. He started smoking bhang (CANNABIS) when he was 19 yrs old (since last 7 yrs). After the continuous use of these drugs he developed severe anxiety, restlessness, easily frustrated, quick irritability, disappointed easily, no happiness and face looking dull.

He speaks lies a lot, lacks confidence and self esteem. He coughs in cold frequently because of cigarettes smoking. Trembling mouth and lips when talking. His hands tremble. Generally whole body trembles when he is angry. He likes adding too much salt in his food. He perspires while sleeping.

He is from a rich family; they have spent millions of shillings for his treatment in “REHABILITATION CENTERS” in Kenya and South Africa. When ever he came out of those rehabilitation centers, he went back to his drugs. Nothing worked on him.

His parents brought him to Dr. Narinder for homeopathic treatment. In 2 months his craving for Alcohol, Bhang and Cigarettes was almost finished. He was looking smart and was given a job in one of the leading companies. He continued homeopathic treatment for 5 months. His father told me happily that JOHN is now studying LAW in a college in Nairobi.