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Anxiety with Diabetes

Anxiety with Diabetes

Mrs. AMARJEET, age 60

Diabetes 12-13 mmol (RBS). Vertigo while walking. A neat and clean lady comes in the clinic for the treatment of diabetes.

Severe “anxiety” about others, Anxiety disturbs her a lot. Small things used to disturb her. Feels offended easily. Feeling as if nobody (husband & children) respects her, nobody takes care of her. Depressed, low spirited.

Hot flashes with lot of perspiration, does not cover at night. Gluteal muscles (thighs/ hips etc) painful while walking. Sleeplessness from thoughts of death at night. She is very talkative and feels hoarseness after talking. Skin itching. Cataract both eyes. A lot of mucus in the throat. Lower legs and feet numbness. Large boils. Extreme weakness, fingers stiffness, burning esophagus extending from stomach, heartburn from fried food and stomach distended with loud rumbling (gas). Frequent urination with burning in urethra. Rumbling (a lot) after eating meals then passes diarrhea, 4-5 times in a day. Feels weakness after diarrhea. Sudden urge to pass stool.

Palpitation after slight exertion or even after walk. She likes taking homeopathy. Appetite is reduced.

She says “Doctor, make me strong enough so that I don’t worry about other people, I want to stay happy, please give me strong medicines”. I am suffering a lot. Hopelessness.

Two months after the homeopathic treatment diabetes ranges between 7-8 mmol, she feels much stronger, she has the desire to work, no dizziness, heart beats are normal, no diarrhea, rumbling reduced, anxiety and worries are much better, she is happy. She is still on homeopathic medicine treatment.