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Mrs. Zainab, Age – 38.

She believes that she is “bewitched” by the first wife of her husband. She blames the co-wife for the sickness in the family. She is second wife of her husband. She has been going to “witchdoctors”, who stay even 500 kms. away from her home town Nairobi. She has spent a lot of money on medicines and on witchdoctors. She is always sad, depressed

Her major problem is, she “cries” loudly while sleeping between 1-4am. While crying during sleep, it’s very difficult for her to wake up from that deep sleep. If you wake her up, she trembles from fear 2-3 hours on waking, she will start crying again as she goes to sleep again. On waking in the morning she feels very exhausted, very tired. She feels “beaten-up” by the spirits and feels electric shock like pains in the body. She fears, can’t sleep alone in her room at night. She dreams as if someone (spirits) is chasing her, she is trying to escape and hide herself. She is a kind-hearted lady. She never liked quarreling with anyone. She fears snakes; even on TV she does not like seeing a snake.

She gets menses once in 2-3 months, vaginal discharge with itching. Loss of appetite, some times she can stay without eating the whole day. Face with dark brown/black patches and pimples. She likes taking cold drinks from the fridge.

She was treated with Homeopathic medicines for about 5 months. Now she does not cry while sleeping. Her skin and menses have improved a lot.