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Constipation & Anxiety with Fear


Ms. SARAH, age-22, Student Makerere University, Uganda

Her symptoms were: Frequent continuous more than 10 sneezings in the morning on waking, eyes burning sensation with itching and irritation. Nose blockage in the morning when exposed to cold and dust. Chest painful when sneezing or after bath in the morning, feels chilliness in the chest. Pounding heart palpitation with trembling of the whole body. Chronic constipation, passing hard stool after 2/3 weeks. But appetite is ok, takes three meals a day; she was surprised where this food goes?

Hallucinations in the dark, sees faces so sleeps with lights on. Anxiety too much, while walking in the public or even in her lecture room. Dizziness while walking in sun. Sleeplessness until 4 am. Screaming during sleep because of many frightful nightmares. Offended feeling makes her cry easily for small reasons almost everyday. Confidence lacking to meet strangers, fear darkness, slowness for making decision, covers her face and sleeps with lights on.

Gums painful, gingivitis. Bladder painful when urination is delay. Hates cold weather because chill enters the bones. Body feels weak and painful in cold weather. Offensive vaginal discharge. Offensive perspiration from the armpits and back. Desires adding salt even before tasting the food.

During homeopathic treatment in about 10 days her constipation was over, she called it a homeopathic miracle. She improved in her studies. More confident, anxiety and fears were finished. For her remaining problems she continued the treatment for couple of months.