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Mr. PETER, age – 69

Patient gave me his depression symptoms: That he used to work in an office and he was misused by his senior office mates. He used to feel helpless; sit in the office toilets and cry helplessly. He developed a lot of “anxiety with unknown fears”. His hands tremble while talking and when meals are delayed. Memory forgetful. Endless negative thoughts running in the mind. Depression with religious thoughts, talking too much and too loud (like a preacher) about religion. Talking very fast with unnecessary details. During fears or startles suddenly his whole body becomes very hot. Difficult concentration when reading. Any noise used to upset him.

Feels anxiety around 3.30 am, he feels frightened on waking at 3.30am. His condition (anxiety etc.) becomes worst at night Feels feared in the darkness, so he switches on the light. Because of the fear, he starts reading and singing loudly from the Bible. Feels hatred for others, angry at small things. Since last 6 months no desire to talk to any body, answers very angrily and rudely when somebody talks to me. When angry feels heart-beat too fast. Fatigued always, takes long to decide what to do.

Irritation in the left eye with double vision, sees two objects one up and the other down. Eyes allergic from dust and perfumes. Chest asthmatic, sneezing when weather is wet. Feels burning heat, upper back, between the shoulder blades.

He has been treated with other systems of medicines for long time. But after Homeopathic medicine treatment he became normal from depression, grief, angers, trembling and chest allergies. He is not taking any anti-depression medicine. He introduced homeopathy to his other family members and friends.