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Ms. REGINA, (Salama, Kenya) age -45

She has “HERPES” since last 20 yrs. She used to have violent itching, she was using a comb to scratch her body. Soreness in the mouth, feels cutting pain while eating spicy or sour food. Stiffness of neck, feels pain when turning his neck. She has chronic headache, starts in the morning on waking. Herpetic eruptions around neck, anus and vagina, causing severe itching. Dry, forcible cough with irritation in the throat. Throat painful when drinking liquids. Gushing, continuous, clear vaginal discharge. Menses regular and normal. Desire to add too much salt, before even tasting the food. Thirstlessness, can stay even 2-3 days without drinking water. Tongue painful with ulcers.

She tried all other type of ointments and internal medicines, but noting worked on her condition. She was told it is very difficult to treat herpes. But when she started homeopathic medicines treatment, her condition started improving very fast. Her 20 years old problem was over in 5 months of homeopathic treatment.

She told me, now she will bring her 18 yrs old son, who has “HERPES” since birth.