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Mr. GEORGE, age -44.

The story you are going to read is short and may sound unbelievable. But as they say ‘believe it or not’, it’s the truth, the whole truth what I under went. I felt a headache and chest pains while sitting in my office, performing my duties as a strong armed-forces officer, at around 10 a.m. I went to the doctor who advised me to go for a T.B. test but the results were negative. I was put on antibiotics and other medicines for bronchitis, pneumonia etc. My headache and chest became better. After few days I fell sick again. This time my breathing was difficult and the soldier was thinning (muscles wasting) day after day and no office going. My colleagues in office and the entire camp were supporting me morally and even some financially. My big boss was not just a boss but a father, as he always helped me a lot.

I was taken to the hospitals many times for the treatment but not much improvement. My condition worsened day after day. I was admitted in one of the leading hospitals in Nairobi where I was treated for “meningitis”. After two days I was again in a “coma”, which lasted for four days. I stayed in the hospital for two months and I was given 13 tablets a day for unspecified time. No office going, no business doing except waiting for a day that the “Almighty God” will come. I really used to pray and my family used to read a “novena” daily.

While in the hospital a nurse showed my wife an article in the PARENTS magazine about HOMEOPATHIC medicine treatment and my wife asked me if we go and see that homeopathic doctor. I reminded my wife of many trips we had made for prayers, herbalists and fortunetellers as they call themselves – healers and also reminded her of no finances remaining at that particular time, since we had spend about Kshs.-1.3 million (approximately USD 17000/=). That means we could not afford nothing more. She insisted and we went to Ngara area near Fig tree hotel.

One thing I want to tell is that I was in Sandals (could not wear closed shoes) and supporting myself on a stick. The doctor took my history, all the symptoms, how I feel etc. My symptoms were – Extremely weak, soles very sensitive to touch/stepping to walk, (rt.) heel sharp pain like electric shocks, extending upwards to the leg and the chest. Right limbs trembling with numbness. Convulsions. Brain tired while reading even one page of the book. Left hand very weak to hold any thing, things used to drop. Lips dry and cracked. Anxiety with unknown fear while walking in the shopping centre, so I used to walk with my wife. Frightful many dreams full of snakes and dead people. I used to fall while walking, so I had a fear of falling. Burning feet at night.

The doctor gave me homeopathic medicines and after two weeks I started experiencing a change. All the problems started to reduce and I started feeling stronger. These remedies boosted my immune system. During second month of medicine, believe it or not, one morning I woke up and felt like I wanted to put on my shoes and want to go to my office. My Wife told me I was running crazy, yes crazy I told her and then I went and took my shoes and put on. I was very comfortable with shoes. After few days I saw I could walk property without any support umbrella or stick. My boss and other colleagues were surprised to see me in the office totally fit and fine. I am back in my office again. Thanks to “HOMEOPATHIC” medicines and Dr. Narinder who made me fit again.