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Mrs. Margaret, Age – 35

She is suffering from secondary infertility. She has a 10 yrs old son, after that she never got pregnant. Her menses are normal. Sex is painful because of dryness in the vagina since last 7 yrs, she has been using lubricating gel. Sexual desires are reduced.

She has constipation, hard stool passing after 2-3 days. Fear going to pass stool because of cutting pain in the anus for the whole day after passing the stool. She gets pimples on the genitals during and after the menses. She gets severe cramps in her lower abdomen one week before menses.

She gets angry easily, memory is forgetful. Stressed and depressed a lot; because husband and his family blame her for not getting pregnant. Irritation in the throat. White vaginal discharge after sex continues for 2 days. On and off ulcers on the tongue. She can not take dinner because she feels fullness in the stomach after taking lunch. Her feet become cold in the evening, so she wears socks while sleeping. Her gums bleed while brushing her teeth. She perspires from her face during sleep. She has rashes and pimples on her face. Her face skin became very dark colored because of these eruptions.

After the delivery, she started using different types of contraceptives for about 5 yrs. The couple planned to have another baby, but Margaret could not conceive. She has “hormonal – imbalance” according to the results of the tests. She was given hormone treatment but it did not work on her. She has too much hopelessness about the pregnancy.

She took homeopathic treatment for 4 month. Her hormones became normal; she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Her constipation, skin eruptions etc also became normal during the treatment.