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Maniac depression with O.C.D.


MICHAEL (Male), age -22.

I am on anti-depression medicine on and off since 3 yrs. I have lot of anxiety, impatience and restlessness with confusion. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), washing hands many times. I see devil, named ‘Ru’, showed me a demon who tells me to tie my shoe laces again and again. I am double minded and very suspicious. Frequent urge to pass stool, but no stool. Devil takes me to the toilet. Hear voices, while taking shower. Doing things repeatedly. I scratch my body, devil tells me to do so. I am feeling tortured and tormented. I don’t like taking bath. My sexual desires are very high. Confused asking same question 3-4 times repeatedly. Smoking bhang sometimes, eyes protruded, talking to spirits. God is also black like demon, I am scared of God because he tells me, why I am doing what devil is telling me. I can sit anywhere and pray even in the doctor’s corridor. I see holy spirits; God has been talking to me. Doctor, help me with good medicine which can heal me very fast.

He has improved very fast in couple of weeks with homeopathy, he is feeling more focused, can concentrate on many things. He wants to continue with homeopathic treatment.