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Mrs. FATUMA, age -55.

Both breasts had malignant tumors; mastectomy was done 20 years ago.

When blood pressure is high she feels dizzy as if she can fall. Her memory is forgetful. Depressed because of family matters. Restlessness with a lot of anxiety; anxiety with fears on hearing any bad news. She used to tremble with fear, when she sees somebody quarreling. She could not give any instructions to any body, feared easily. Feels anxiety, when friends or relatives visit her house.

Eyes dry, feels difficult opening on waking up. Both eyes red. Blockage of nose in the morning. Frequently dryness of mouth and throat. Teeth decayed too fast at early age. Slow digestion. Abdomen distended feeling after dinner. Discomfort in the abdomen whole night. Heartburn after eating meat or eggs. Flatulence in the abdomen. Legs feel numb when standing even for 10 minutes. Knees painful on going upstairs. Sleepless after 2:00 A.M. Skin very dry, legs dry and flaky. Hot flashes with perspiration and anxiety. Early menopause (menses suppressed) at age 37 years, started getting hot flushes. Urine dribbles out, before reaching the toilet. Desire for licking salt. Weak and tired around 7:30 p.m.

After homeopathic treatment her blood pressure became normal. Anxiety and fears were finished, now she could talk like a “Head of the Family”. Menopausal problems were over. Feeling stronger. No heartburns, digestion became better.