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Miscarriage Tendency & Hypertension


Mrs. B.G.T., age 40 yrs.

An obese lady weighing 125 Kg, soft spoken, head-teacher by profession, come to the clinic for the treatment of hypertension.

Her other problems were: Tendency to miscarriage since 13 years. History of 3 miscarriages each at 3rd month of pregnancy, regular and normal menses, bad taste, amoebiasis, abdominal pain, flatulence, blood in stool, burning feet at night, nausea, loss of appetite, heartburn, diarrhea, skin itching after taking milk, right sided persistent headaches from 4 a.m. wakes her up (takes strong painkillers), sleeplessness, urination 3 times at night, hip joints painful, breathlessness after slight exertion, anxiety about future, irritability from loud noise or music.

During her 3rd month of HOMEOPATHIC medicine treatment she said “she is more focused and happy” at work now-a-days. She was not taking any medicine for high blood pressure after homeopathic treatment. Above mentioned problems were reduced a lot. Her greatest pleasure was that she is pregnant.

During pregnancy all her problems were treated with homeopathic medicines. She gave birth to a “baby girl”. She was very happy when she visited the clinic with her baby.