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Palpitation, Anxiety & Uterine Bleeding


Mrs. Queen, age -39.

I had a heart problem since (2004) with H/P . I had visited a lot of clinics in Nairobi, I did not get any help. Spending a lot of money for 3 years. Very heavy bleeding during menses, which could continue for even 13 to 15 days . Heart beating very fast day and night. I was not sleeping throughout the day and night, I was not eating anything. Heavy blood during menses. Knees painful at times. No working even more. A lot of weakness, neck problem, staying away from my children. I was looking vey weak and tiredness, decisioness. When I get in the bus I feel very bad, severe headache, heart problem throughout the day and night. Even I was thinking I was going to die. Not listening to anything like Radio or Tv.

But after I came to Homoeo Cure Clinic after 3-5 days, I was feeling better. After I visited the clinic, Homoeo Clinic I am doing my business throughout the day. When I get in I feel as the others quite comfortable. I can run, I can cook to myself, I can wash clothes. Now I had 1 year after I visited Homoeo Clinic, I am feeling very good, better. Even I did not get any other medicine even malaria medicine or panadol or any other medicine about 1 ½ years. I am very okey doing my duties very nicely.