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Parkinson’s Disease


Mrs. Taramati, Age -72

Right sided foot, hand and fingers tremble when anxious, worried, watching TV, cooking, in a crowd, after bath or in cold weather since 2 yrs. Fear thieves can come in the house; slight noise at night causes palpitation with fear. Hypertension since 4 yrs. High cholesterol and thyroid. Elbow, fingers and other joint painful after bath in the morning.  Joints painful after eating lemon or sour things. Right foot trembling when sitting for prayers or on the chair. Causeless anxiety. Memory very active. Weakness after slight exercise, tired and sleepy around 10 a.m. Dry cough in dust and after eating fried food. Feels better in open air. Dizziness while walking in the house. Sleeplessness after 2-3 a.m. Fear when alone somebody can come and kill her. Never quarrels with anyone. She has been taking many medicines.

Son, brought his mother to me and asked me if homeopathic medicines work on Parkinson’s disease? Four months after the treatment Mrs. Tara’s condition has improved a lot. Anxiety and fears are reduced a lot. Her blood pressure is normal. She is very satisfied with the improvement after the homeopathic treatment. I advised her to continue the treatment for couple of months.