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Depression & Profuse Menstruation


Ms. CAROLINE, age -21 yrs.

A girl brought to the clinic for the treatment of “depression”; she has been suffering since last 5 yrs. She has been given some specialized treatment for depression.

Her symptoms were: Tired after slight exertion. Sleepy, desire to remain in the bed even up to 11 am. Lack of responsibility in doing things. Low spirited, don’t like socializing, feel good when am alone. Very slow in doing things, “absent minded” while doing things, in the bathroom she can take 3 hours, washing a cup or a plate she could rub the plate for 1 hour, until somebody tells her to finish rubbing. Emaciation, body weight – 46 kg. She doesn’t like taking bath. She believes others things are unclean so she doesn’t like using a bucket or a cup, which is used by somebody else in the family. Frequent dizzy feeling. Cannot continue studying because of lack of concentration for reading, forgets easily what read. Angry most of the time, worried about failure in her life. Shy, lazy and dull. Does not like taking bath. Takes long to answer, like staying quiet or rude when answering. Pimples on the face with black scars. Childish behavior like a child of 10 years old. Thirst less. Strong anxiety, confusion, stressed easily. Does not trust anybody, locks her room door, untidy room, wears dirty clothes, stubborn.

Along with the mental problems, she suffers continuous “uterine” bleeding for the last 1yr. A lot of weakness because of continuous bleeding. Her 1st menses started late, at age 18 years.

Six months after the homeopathic treatment her uterine bleeding reduced a lot. Mentally she is improved. Now she has joined a school to finish her form-1V. She is still on treatment.