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Sickle Cell


Ms. Stella, Age -24

My mother is a nurse and I am a lab technologist in a local hospital. I have been suffering from “sickle cell” since birth with Hb 8 g/dl.

Other symptoms: Low spirited, in the evenings coming from college or work I used to feel tired completely and feel sleepy. Feeling pains in the whole body. Dizziness when rising from bed or turning in the bed. Thirsty always drinks a lot of water, eyes yellowish, throbbing headaches in the evenings, exhausted easily after slightest exertion. Menses clotted very little flow, smelling, limbs pain before or during menses. Cry with hopelessness because of pain during sickness. Reserved, quiet usually. Sympathetic by nature.

Fear of death because of sickness. Fears cold weather makes her sick. Emaciated. Appetite lost. Loves eating chilies and spicy food. Very emotional, cries easily. Passes stool after 2-3 days but soft stool. Desire warm drinks, (cold drinks get tonsils, sore throat), shy, lacks of confidence, fear people observe her condition. Thinks a lot about past bad events.

During 2nd month of homeopathic treatment my all problems improved, Hb 11.5 g/dl. My life long problems were over in couple of months with homeopathic treatment.