01/01/1970 Brain Dynamics Clinic has been featured in numerous TV shows where Dr. Narinder talks about Homeopathy medicine in Kenya....read more
01/01/1970 Brain Dynamics Clinic have been involved in various charitable activities including food distribution and community education on Health and development....read more

Media & Articles

Dr. Narinder Singh Thethy, the founder of Brain Dynamics Clinic has written numerous articles on homeopathy in Kenyan magazines and newspapers. Also, he has given many talks on national TVs and radios to sensitize the society on homeopathic medicine treatment.  To reach him, email to dr.narinder@braindynamicsclinic.com


1 The Tribune Homeopathy in India
2 The Kenyan Spectator Homeopathy and Mental illnesses
3 The Kenyan Spectator Homeopathy and Chronic & Acute diseseas
4 The Kenyan Spectator Taming the Ghosts
5 Nation Many falling for jujumans charms
6 Standard Expert who helps the body heal

Farmers Journal
1 Enhancing Human Health
2 Cancer
4 Mental diseases
5 High Blood Pressure
6 Asthma
Parent Magazine
1 Females Problems
2 Skin
4 Athritis
5 Paralysis
6 Diabetes
7 Alternative healthcare- June 2004
8 Asthma
9 Cancer